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Agriculture career perceptions in research spotlight

New grant money is available to research community perceptions of agricultural careers and occupations and the experiences of agricultural workers. This research will help to raise community perceptions of agricultural careers and occupations.

“Wonka factory" of Aussie foods

Expect more delicious and premium Australian food in fridges across the globe, with the creation of The University of Queensland’s Agri-Food Innovation Alliance.

Ground-breaking project aiming to restore Norfolk Island

A clear picture of what Norfolk Island looked like before European arrival has emerged from a project that has, for the first time ever, mapped native vegetation across the entire island, as it exists now and before 1750.

Managing feral animals can help Australia’s transition to net zero emissions

Effective management of feral animals can play a part in achieving net zero emissions in Australia by 2050, according to Andreas Glanznig, CEO of the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions.

Google Australia announces $1 billion Digital Future Initiative

Google Australia has launched the Digital Future Initiative – a $1 billion investment in Australian infrastructure, research and partnerships that aims to strengthen local capabilities, support jobs and help build Australia’s digital economy for the future.

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