New technology is helping growers target fall armyworm

MagGrow, the company behind the patented, proprietary technology that is reducing waste associated with conventional pesticide spray applications, has seen adoption among Queensland sweetcorn growers across several production regions in targeting fall armyworm pressures.

Fall armyworm is a new pest to Australian growers and is known to cause damage to a variety of crops, including grain, cotton, sorghum and many vegetable categories, with significant impacts reported by growers throughout Australia.

Many growers are using MagGrow to minimise damage and improve the efficacy of pesticides applications, as compared to conventional sprayer applications.

Results from lab and field trials show that the MagGrow system supports improved crop protection spray coverage of 40% and reduced off-target losses by up to 70%, with the added benefit of low-to-no-cost maintenance as the system can retrofit to most boom spraying rigs, whether trailed or self-propelled.

To date, growers in the US and Australia have cited productivity gains from efficiencies of the system's better coverage and spray drift reduction attributes.

MagGrow also supports improved sustainability practices. Applying plant protection with unmatched precision has enabled growers to reduce both chemical and water usage, delivering cost-savings on top of superior results compared to traditional sprayer applications.

Proving the positive environmental gains that MagGrow’s technology supports, the company recently won the THRIVE | Bayer Sustainability Challenge “Sustainable Scaleup Award,” one of three winners from a global pool of approximately 300 applicants from across 57 countries. 

Available through the Trimble Select network, the MagGrow system provides grain growers with access to an innovative technological solution that simultaneously delivers positive impacts to both crops and the environment.  

More information

A host of crop science materials and additional information is available for Australian growers at MagGrow.com.

Established in 2013, MagGrow is based in Dublin, Ireland and employs over 40 people in the US, Canada, Australasia and Europe who share the company’s vision to develop a more sustainable approach to primary food production.

MagGrow’s patented, proprietary technology delivers important plant protection products where they matter the most, significantly reducing waste associated with conventional pesticide spray applications.

Additional benefits of the company’s innovative spray technology include a reduction in water usage by up to 50%, extended spray windows and decreased labour requirements. The MagGrow system has no moving parts, is easy to install and maintain, and can be fitted to a new or existing crop sprayer. For more information, visit www.maggrow.com.


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