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4 Editorial
6 Our sugar industry has always sought to continuously improve
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9 Have Australian food and ag exports to China peaked?
11 Tinted solar panels shine rosy glow on farm incomes
12 Testing water has become a little ‘hairy’ of late
13 Keeping imidacloprid in the canegrub control arsenal
14 Native bushland’s soil fertility secret
16 Breeding soybeans that get more of their N from the atmosphere
18 NextGen Farmer Editorial
19 Covid transmission risk increases along wildlife supply chains
20 Preventing the next pandemic (and saving nature at the same time)
21 The next bee you see may be good for thee!
22 Global chocolate consumption ‘melts’ on back of Covid-19
23 Encouraging the next gen of sugar scientists
23 Eyes in the back of your head, maybe – bum, no!
25 Optimistic outlook for global sugar markets
26 Agribusiness global overview
28 How will the energy developments of today impact the future your children inherit?
29 Oxygen breathes new life into solar cell research
30 The robotic hybrid electric future of agriculture
31 New and improved for 2021
32 District Reports
35 Classic Tractor Tales - Incredible - but true!
38 Phil has sinned but is now fishing for redemption

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