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2 Editorial
4 Big wet predicted but mill closures and subsidies already putting a damper on 2021
8 The logic of China’s economic coercion on Australian agriculture
12 Climate change and extreme events – quantifying the changing odds
15 Agri-commodity prices set to increase in 2021 – Rabobank
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18 NextGen Farmer Editorial
19 I’m pickin’ up good vibrations for new energy
20 How Covid-19 may impact our Next Generation
21 A lot of dirt does mum and dad in – a little dirt does kids good
22 QSL believes any China sugar export ban concerning but nowhere near catastrophic
23 How modern genomics is rewriting your ancient history
25 Taking a Single Shot at weeds
27 A green-on-green journey
30 Areas where the next pandemic could emerge are revealed
31 It’s a sh*t of a job but thank god someone’s doing it
34 Landini
37 District reports...
39 Phil is just plain lucky!

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