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2 Editorial
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4 New cane varieties, new fuel options and new water pricing
6 Does climate change demand same leadership as Covid-19?
8 Soil bacteria breakdown greenhouse gases and pollutants
9 Food waste turned back into food
11 2020 was certainly a weird year
14 ‘Do it yourself’ sugar pricing options on offer
15 Understanding enhanced efficiency fertilisers to optimise on-farm decisions
18 NextGen Editorial
19 Spice up your next gen solar panels
22 Traces of Covid not the only threat found in sewage
23 Rise in demand for Ag degrees
24 Next Gen contacts
25 Eco-friendly way to make ammonia a boon for agriculture? And the ‘hydrogen economy’ – whatever that may be!
26 Australia’s role in a global hydrogen economy
28 When soil is everything – it pays to invest
31 The birth of the tractor
34 News & New Products
35 District Reports
38 Phil does fishy scuba uber

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