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4 Editorial
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6 It was wet and windy to say the least!
9 Is that Barra or Asian Sea Bass? It’s a $100 million dollar question!
11 Insect protein as animal feed – not funky fast food – a global buzz
13 Welcome back Mr US Ag Secretary
15 Understanding the economic potential of robots
18 Next Gen Farmer Editorial
19 Farmers may – but ag investors should not – fall in love with the farm
20 Overview – Australian Cane Farms limited
22 Would this software help keep your kids safe online?
23 2021 Agricultural extension work placement program – QFF
25 Data king in defining undulating country
28 Could sunshine solve the world’s clean water crisis?
29 Neglected groundwater monitoring a risk for crucial Ag water supply
30 District Reports
34 News & New Products - Cutting half a billion tonnes of sugarcane per year globally
35 Classic Tractor Tales - The wrong job!
38 Phil’s philosophy for future fisherpersons

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