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4 Editorial
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6 Australian sugar back on the shop shelves in UK
9 Sugar solution may solve the hard problem of brain implants
10 Putting PA to Work - Weaving technology with farm practice comes naturally
13 Valley Irrigation and Prospera merge
14 Converting from flood to pivot irrigation
15 Fair dinkum bargain soil moisture monitor – you can build one in your back paddock – nearly
18 NextGen Editorial
19 Ten year strategy launched to ensure healthy coasts and oceans
20 Our earliest memories begin at age two-anda-half
22 Computers designing their own next generation – life is just a game!
23 Do the ‘never ending’ generation have more efficient DNA repair?
24 There’s no cheating old age!
25 From farm to plate: Where does the money go?
26 We are happy to pay more for ‘ethical’ or ‘eco-coffee’ – just not a lot more
27 Improved payment process for QSL growers
28 CSIRO confirms renewables cheapest new-build power in Australia
29 Kidston pumped hydro facility – time to take the bull by the horns
31 Classic Tractor Tales - Different!
34 District Reports
37 News and new products
38 Phil feels much love for his leader – the fluoro bionic sort, not necessarily the elected type

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