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4 Editorial
6 Farmers are celebrating the recent sugar price rise
8 First breeding of sugarcane using CRISPR/Cas9
10 Future drones likely to resemble 300-million-year-old flying machine
11 Soils ain’t soils – carbon farming offers fertile future
13 Measuring Keytah’s carbon footprint
15 Boosting soil fertility with biochar?
16 Blue green algae biofertiliser
17 NextGen
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25 Seeding to soil type in WA
27 Welcome to the ‘agricultural gamer’ world of DigiHort
28 Five top trends in food and beverage right now
29 Record 2020 Shared Pool
30 Boom in ag equipment sales – just what the environment ordered?
31 The world in which we lived
34 District reports
38 Phil is enamoured of estuaries but not alarmists

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