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4 Editorial
6 A season of wet weather and the usual breakdowns
9 Opportunities for increased automation in agriculture
12 Automated trucks for sugarcane haulage
13 Project CaNE improving productivity, profitability, and sustainability
15 Nitrogen for nothing and your protein for free
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18 Next Gen Farmer Editorial
19 Ensuring the cabomba weevil is not the next cane toad
21 Ensuring the cabomba weevil is not the next cane toad
22 The power of compost – making waste a climate champion
23 Harnessing Australia’s biomass bioenergy potential
25 Putting PA to Work - DigiFarm deals with data for northern NSW farmers
28 Classic Tractor Tales - Interesting early crawlers
31 Building a better trout
32 A pocket rocket croc – inside the head of one of Australia’s smallest fossil crocs
33 Tractor sales support a buoyant ag outlook
34 Australias Nufarm Group acquires Brazilian ‘energy cane’ assets
35 District Reports
39 Phil’s guide to building a better bait bucket

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